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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 42 min 28 sec ago

NetworkManager 1.4 Feature Update Prepares For Release

Wed, 2016-08-17 17:07
The first release candidate to NetworkManager 1.4 feature update is now available for testing...

AMDGPU-PRO Radeon RX 460/470/480 vs. NVIDIA Linux GPU Benchmarks

Wed, 2016-08-17 16:20
Last week I published an 18-way GPU Linux comparison featuring the new Radeon RX 460 and RX 470 graphics cards along with other AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs. The Radeon tests were done using the very latest open-source Linux driver stack while in this article are similar benchmarks done but using the AMDGPU-PRO hybrid driver stack.

RISC-V Backend Proposed For LLVM

Wed, 2016-08-17 13:55
Open-source activities around the completely open RISC-V instruction set architecture sure are heating up. Alex Bradbury is proposing now that the RISC-V compiler backend be merged in LLVM...

Nouveau Engine Reclocking Fixes Continue, NVIDIA Maxwell Re-Clocking Achieved

Wed, 2016-08-17 02:50
Independent Nouveau developer Karol Herbst continues to be hard at work on improving the re-clocking state of the open-source NVIDIA Linux driver stack...

Enlightenment's EFL 1.18 Released With New Wayland, Input Functionality Plus EWebkit

Wed, 2016-08-17 02:04
Version 1.18 of the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) brings a wealth of new features...

Wayland / Weston 1.12 Now Available In Alpha Form

Wed, 2016-08-17 01:12
The alpha release of the upcoming Wayland and Weston 1.12 version is now available...

Solaris-Derived OpenIndiana Releases MATE Desktop ISOs

Wed, 2016-08-17 00:57
It's been a while since last having any major news to report on OpenIndiana, the OpenSolaris/Illumos-derived operating system, but they are out today with new test ISOs that incorporate the MATE desktop...