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Updated: 14 min 45 sec ago

ARM Is Being Bought Out By Japan's SoftBank

Mon, 2016-07-18 13:09
Many news reports this morning are indicating that Japan's SoftBank is working out a deal to buy ARM Holdings and that a deal could be officially announced as soon as this morning...

FreeType 2.7 Bringing DirectWrite/ClearType-Like Rendering -- Much Better Looking Fonts On Linux

Sun, 2016-07-17 18:38
FreeType 2.7.0 will be shipping with the v40 TrueType instructions interpreter enabled by default. This interpreter is going to "finally brings DirectWrite/ClearType-like rendering to the screen, or 'subpixel hinting' as some FreeType code calls it."..

Wayland's Weston Now Working On Libweston-Desktop

Sun, 2016-07-17 15:15
Wayland developers continue working on Libweston, which is aiming to make more of the Weston reference compositor reusable by other Wayland compositors. This library offers much of the boilerplate code around the Wayland protocols to allow more sharing by compositors and making it more straight-forward to get things up and running. The latest component is Libweston-desktop...

Improved File Extraction Coming To GNOME's Nautilus

Sun, 2016-07-17 15:02
As part of Google Summer of Code, improved extraction support for compressed files is being worked on for the Nautilus file manager...

OpenMediaVault 3.0 Beta Updated

Sun, 2016-07-17 14:51
OpenMediaVault 3.0.26 is now available for testing as the latest beta release of OMV 3.0...

Nintendo 64 Emulator Gaining Vulkan Rendering Support

Sat, 2016-07-16 23:39
RetroArch is picking up a Nintendo 64 video plugin that makes use of the Khronos Vulkan graphics API...

Fresh AMDGPU-PRO vs. Mesa 12.1-dev Performance FIgures For The Radeon RX 480

Sat, 2016-07-16 22:19
As it's been a few weeks since the Radeon RX 480 "Polaris" launch and there's been more RadeonSI Polaris commits since launch day, I figured I'd run some fresh benchmarks this weekend of the open vs. hybrid AMD Linux driver stacks...

Blender's AMDGPU-PRO OpenCL Performance Is Crazy Slow Compared To NVIDIA CUDA

Sat, 2016-07-16 18:00
Earlier this week I posted a number of NVIDIA CUDA Blender OpenCL Cycles render benchmarks from various green GPUs. Here are some tests now when making use of Blender's OpenCL support on AMD Radeon hardware when using the latest AMDGPU-PRO Linux driver...

A Second Batch of AMDGPU Changes Readied For Linux 4.8 Kernel

Sat, 2016-07-16 16:36
Submitted earlier this month was the main AMDGPU and Radeon DRM updates for Linux 4.8's DRM-Next while on Friday a second round of feature updates were submitted...

Lighttpd 1.4.40 Fixes Hundreds of Bugs

Sat, 2016-07-16 14:29
Lighttpd, the lightweight open-source web server designed for high performance, is out with its major v1.4.40 update...

X.Org Server Development Continues Trending Lower

Sat, 2016-07-16 14:13
Half-way through the year, the X.Org Server has seen just over 300 commits, well down compared to a few years ago around this time where it would see about three times as many commits...

FESCo Approves Latest Round Of Fedora 25 Features

Sat, 2016-07-16 13:59
The Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) has approved nearly all of the recently proposed features for the upcoming Fedora 25 Linux release...

Vulkan 1.0.21 Released To Fix More Issues

Sat, 2016-07-16 13:33
This weekend's update to Vulkan takes it to version 1.0.21...

Clear Linux Makes Caffe Deep Learning 10% Faster; Also Discovers XFWM4 Compositor Bug

Fri, 2016-07-15 20:30
Intel's Clear Linux distribution hasn't been at rest this summer but they've continued working hard on various performance optimizations and improvements to their distribution...

NVIDIA 367.35 Released, Supports 8K H.265 Video Decoding

Fri, 2016-07-15 18:52
NVIDIA Corp is out today with a rather notewrothy 367.xx series Linux driver update...

Ubuntu Forums Get Breached, 2 Million Users/Emails/IPs

Fri, 2016-07-15 17:02
Through an SQL injection vulnerability, the Ubuntu Forums were penetrated, as disclosed this morning by Canonical...

Window/Menu Positioning Improvements For GTK+ On Wayland/Mir

Fri, 2016-07-15 15:41
Red Hat's Jonas Ådahl has shared work being done to the GTK+ toolkit for avoiding global window positions for tooltips/menus/popovers and instead refactor it down to GDK and allow relative positioning...

Google Developers Improve Mesa's Android EGL Support

Fri, 2016-07-15 14:10
Google engineers working on Android have been experimenting with using Mesa on Android...

Nouveau DRM Code Updated For Linux 4.8

Fri, 2016-07-15 13:56
The Nouveau open-source NVIDIA DRM driver changes have been queued in DRM-Next for the Linux 4.8 kernel...

Pyston 0.5.1 Is Making Python Code Even Faster

Fri, 2016-07-15 03:17
In addition to Dropbox announcing the Lepton image compression algorithm, their Pyston team has announced the v0.5.1 release and it provides more performance improvements for this Python JIT...