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Updated: 56 min 18 sec ago

Benchmarks: 2 BSDs vs. 7 Linux Distributions

Thu, 2016-08-18 17:10
My latest benchmarking enjoyment has been testing two BSD operating systems against seven Linux distributions on the same Intel Haswell system. Here are those latest benchmark numbers.

AMD Open-Sources Advanced Media Framework, But No Linux Support Yet

Thu, 2016-08-18 14:33
AMD this week open-sourced the Advanced Media Framework (AMF) as their replacement to the earlier AMD Media SDK. But before getting too excited about this latest AMD open-source project, there isn't yet any Linux support...

Lever: Yet Another General Purpose Programming Language

Thu, 2016-08-18 14:24
Lever is yet another attempt at being a modern general purpose programming language that fits along the lines of Perl, Python, and Ruby. Lever has support for GUI/OpenGL applications and also aims to make it easy to interface with C libraries...

DRI2 Page-Flipping Patches For The Generic Modesetting DDX

Thu, 2016-08-18 14:12
Qiang Yu of AMD has published a set of patches to provide DRI2 page-flipping support for the generic modesetting KMS X.Org driver...