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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 30 min 28 sec ago

AMD CodeXL 2.0 Released, Now Is Open-Source

Tue, 2016-04-19 23:26
AMD this afternoon announced CodeXL 2.0 as the newest version of their GPU debugger, CPU/GPU profiler, and static kernel analyzer. CodeXL 2.0 is a big leap forward and is now open-source!..

RadeonSI Compute Shaders Land In Mesa Git

Tue, 2016-04-19 18:45
The AMD RadeonSI Gallium3D driver for GCN GPUs now has support for OpenGL Compute Shaders within the latest Mesa code!..

ASRock Rack C236M WS Micro ATX Skylake Xeon Motherboard

Tue, 2016-04-19 17:07
Recently I picked up the ASRock C236M WS motherboard as a micro-ATX board for supporting Skylake LGA-1151 Xeon processors. This motherboard has been running nicely under Linux.

Some Distributions Are Already Making Changes To Linux's Scheduler

Tue, 2016-04-19 14:41
Already it's looking like the research from the recently covered The Linux Scheduler: a Decade of Wasted Cores that called out the Linux kernel in being a poor scheduler is having an impact...

RadeonSI / AMD GCN Is Actually The Mesa 11.2 Requirement For Tomb Raider

Tue, 2016-04-19 14:11
Yesterday Feral Interactive published the Linux system requirements for Tomb Raider. They mentioned Mesa 11.2 support on the AMD side, but the graphics card's minimum requirement is very different from what's actually the minimum requirement...

Wine-Staging 1.9.8 Improves 64-bit Windows App/Game Support

Tue, 2016-04-19 14:05
Adding in more experimental patches over last week's Wine 1.9.8 development release is the routine Wine-Staging update...