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Updated: 42 min 28 sec ago

GNOME 3.21.92 Is The Final Step Before Next Week's GNOME 3.22

Thu, 2016-09-15 12:58
GNOME 3.21.92 was announced this morning as GNOME 3.22 RC2, which serves as the final development milestone prior to next week's official GNOME 3.22.0 official desktop debut...

Mesa 12.0.3 Is An Emergency Release For Intel Users

Thu, 2016-09-15 12:52
Emil Velikov announced the "emergency release" this morning of Mesa 12.0.3 as the latest stable installment for the Mesa 12.0 series...

Feral's New Linux Port Is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Thu, 2016-09-15 12:23
The "massive" new Linux game teased yesterday by porting house Feral Interactive is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided...

XDC2016 Will Be One Of The Largest X.Org Conferences In A Long Time

Thu, 2016-09-15 02:02
Next week's XDC2016 conference in Finland will be one of the largest X.Org Developers' Conferences, if not the largest ever...

Feral Interactive Said To Be Announcing "Massive" New Game For Linux Tomorrow

Wed, 2016-09-14 19:14
The Mac/Linux game porters at Feral Interactive are teasing that tomorrow they will be announcing a "massive" game...

Landlock LSM Still Tackling Unprivileged Sandboxing For Linux

Wed, 2016-09-14 16:37
The "Landlock" Linux security module continues to be developed as an effort to let any progress -- even unprivileged processes -- create "powerful security" sandboxes...

Linux+Mesa Git Remains Problematic For Some Regressed R9 290 GPUs

Wed, 2016-09-14 16:04
Last week a Mesa fix landed to target the Radeon R9 290/390 performance regression that's been covered a few time on Phoronix since the issue was originally noticed. While the Mesa fix is working for some users, it didn't fix all problems, including with my Hawaii test card...

Greybus Subsystem Proposed For Linux 4.9 Kernel

Wed, 2016-09-14 15:22
Greg Kroah-Hartman is looking to land the Greybus driver subsystem into the upcoming Linux 4.9 kernel subsystem. Greybus was a central piece to Google's recently cancelled Project Ara modular smartphone...

KDE Wayland Is Not Yet Interested In NVIDIA's EGLStreams Approach

Wed, 2016-09-14 15:07
KDE's Wayland approach is interested in only supporting one code path and as such is not interested in supporting NVIDIA's binary driver approach of using EGLStreams for supporting Wayland on their driver...

Systemd 232 Coming Soon With Numerous New Features

Wed, 2016-09-14 14:43
Systemd 232 is right around the corner to succeed the systemd 231 release from July...

VC4 Raspberry Pi Driver Gets Job Shuffling For Faster OpenGL

Wed, 2016-09-14 14:29
Those making use of the VC4 Gallium3D driver for open-source Raspberry Pi OpenGL support will want to pull down the latest Mesa Git code if you are interested in double-digit performance improvements for at least some OpenGL workloads...

Wayland 1.12 RC2 Released, Libinput 1.5.0 Is Out

Wed, 2016-09-14 14:17
Ahead of the GNOME 3.22 release with much better Wayland support and Fedora 25 potentially using Wayland by default, there's a new Wayland/Weston release candidate to report on today along with the libinput 1.5 release...

Apple Releases CUPS 2.2 Printing System

Wed, 2016-09-14 03:01
Apple developers have announced the release of the CUPS 2.2 open-source printing system...

LLVM Clang 3.9 Mostly Trails GCC In Compiler Performance

Wed, 2016-09-14 02:44
Following yesterday's GCC 5 vs. 6 vs. early 7 benchmarks, to no surprise LLVM's Clang compiler was brought up in the comments. I had already been running some fresh LLVM Clang benchmarks on this same Intel Xeon system and have those results to share now with Clang 3.8 and the newly-released Clang 3.9.

NetBeans Java IDE Might Become An Apache Incubator Project

Tue, 2016-09-13 22:50
A proposal posted today is looking to shift the NetBeans integrated development environment from being an Oracle project to one within the Apache incubator space...

Steam Client Beta Adds Radial Menu Mode, Other Steam Controller Improvements

Tue, 2016-09-13 22:40
Linux gamers making use of a Steam Controller will want to try out the latest Steam Client Beta...

Last Minute Wayland Fixes For GNOME 3.22

Tue, 2016-09-13 20:00
It looks like running the GNOME desktop environment natively on Wayland should be in pretty good shape after a round of last-minute improvements...

Modesetting, PRIME Cursor Improvements Land In X.Org Server

Tue, 2016-09-13 19:46
With X.Org Server 1.19 being quickly scheduled for release next month, the merge window's closure is imminent (in fact, already a few days past the original proposal). Today some last minute xf86-video-modesetting and cursor changes landed...