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Updated: 33 min 42 sec ago

AMDGPU-PRO vs. Linux 4.7 + Mesa 12.1-dev OpenGL Benchmarks

Sun, 2016-06-12 14:36
A few days back I posted a fresh comparison of AMDGPU-PRO against NVIDIA's binary driver on various GPUs. Those numbers didn't include any direct AMDGPU-PRO vs. open-source Radeon/AMDGPU + RadeonSI numbers, but here they are on a couple GPUs if you are curious about the state of Linux 4.7 Git and Mesa 12.1-dev...

Qt WebKit Looks To Be Making A Comeback

Sun, 2016-06-12 14:13
Within the upstream Qt tool-kit, the WebKit module was dropped in favor of Qt WebEngine that's powered by Google's Chromium "Blink" engine. While Qt WebEngine is still working out well for new development projects, it looks like Qt WebKit is being worked on for a revival...

There's A Project Working To Implement Direct3D D3D9 Over Vulkan

Sun, 2016-06-12 03:47
Many have hypothesized over implementing Direct3D over Vulkan for helping out the Linux gaming scene and as an alternative to Wine's Direct3D-to-OpenGL wrapper while a developer appears to have taken up the challenge and has been making progress in writing a Direct3D 9 compatibility layer over Vulkan...

Deep Learning & CUDA Benchmarks On The GeForce GTX 1080 Under Linux

Sun, 2016-06-12 02:01
Last week I published the first Linux review of the GeForce GTX 1080 followed by some performance-per-Watt and OpenGL results from the GTX 1080 going as far back as the 9800GTX, among other interesting follow-up tests with OpenGL/Vulkan/OpenCL. Since then one of the most popular requests has been for doing some deep learning benchmarks on the GTX 1080 along with some CUDA benchmarks, for those not relying upon OpenCL for open GPGPU computing. Here are some raw performance numbers as well as performance-per-Watt in the CUDA space.

POCL Has Been Making Progress On HSA Support

Sat, 2016-06-11 23:22
Faithful Phoronix readers should recall POCL as the Portable Computing Language project working to provide an open-source OpenCL implementation that can be run on CPUs and other targets. One of the initiatives being worked on more recently by POCL developers is an HSA driver...