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Creating beautiful experiences with Linux for Sysadmins & DevOps

3 hours 35 min ago

Hi All,

I've been fortunate having the rare opportunity to experience 'live wire' professional systems administration and creating beautiful works that I can achieve through advanced coding & design. I've not wasted the opportunity, of course, as I've given a lot of thought and effort to both.

Over the years I've honed my user experience to a place of fluid beauty; I've focused the most pleasant and efficient admin/devops environment know, all that "fluffy" design stuff you guys rarely have time to do.

Now, "over the years" doesn't mean "old." If you'd like to race for creating a cluster of servers with shared host keys, high availability, and ubiquitous daemons via Puppet, well, "come get it, sweetheart."

I want to write a short-to-medium length work about how you can create beautiful and efficient work environments and am gauging interest. I'm guessing you too would like to see your environment look and feel better (in other words, "get out of the way" typographically) while gaining higher efficiency. I'm guessing you would do this work yourself but right now you have 16 servers that need their monitoring configured.

I want to do more than just, "share my config." I want to explain in precise terms the 'hows and whys', i.e. the philosophy behind efficient design. I want to expound the concepts behind each facet of good system design, just as I was taught the Unix philosophy (small is beautiful, why the 'ls' command is named as such, etc.).

Writing a cohesive guide for every configuration from the kernel to the user interface with their philosophies explained takes a lot of work, though it is also of great interest to me. I suspect this to be of interest to you, too, if only someone would present these ideas in a meaningful way within your limited time.

Because of the effort it will require I'm asking you for your level of interest. Does taking time over Sunday morning coffee to read a guided tour at more than a cursory level interest you, or am I simply just, "in love with the idea?"

I will write the work as a browser-accessible, downloadable ebook so the reading experience itself is of high quality.

I look forward to your thoughts, thank you.

Edit: Ought I include hardware design also?

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TIL how to display colors in Less

5 hours 2 min ago

So this might not be required in some distributions. But in my experience Less has always escaped ANSI color codes, which is annoying if you're using a program (like pacsearch) that won't disable color if it's piped into another program.

The flag is -R. You can put it in $LESS to always include it.

Before (pacsearch foo | less)

After (pacsearch foo | less -R)

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ISP blocks port 25 in and out. What other services can I use to host my email server?

5 hours 13 min ago

So im using FIOS and trying to run an email server. I would have gone with a biz account but Frontier jacked up the rates to nearly twice what they were under Verizon.

Is there a service out there (free or otherwise) which can relay my email to another port that isn't being blocked on my machine? Essentially the only port they block atm is 25.


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Big Data Landscape 2016

6 hours 4 min ago

Have you casually installed a flatpak or snap image?

6 hours 34 min ago

I don't mean trying it out for the sake of trying it out. I want to hear from the person that needed to install some software and decided that the best coarse of action was too use one of these tools.

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TIL about vimtutor

8 hours 13 min ago

Open up a terminal and type in 'vimtutor'

Most of you probability already know this, but I thought I would share.

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I'm new to keepassX and I need some help.

10 hours 40 min ago

I downloaded the program and put in a password for something and I saved it on my USB, but i cant open it. What do I do?

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Logging in but I get a "^[" symbol when typing in?

Tue, 2016-06-28 23:58

When I login in with my username I get something that looks like the following if I wanted to type in "root":

^ [r ^ [o ^ [o ^ [t

How do I get rid of the "^ [" parts? I've tried everything but I dunno is there a combo to prevent these symbols from coming in? I just wanna write my username!!

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Anyone still have a copy of BackTrack?

Tue, 2016-06-28 19:58

As the title asks, does anybody? If so I'd love if you can share it, I'd love to give it a whirl.

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