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Open source projects for the Internet of Things, from A to Z

LinuxToday - Thu, 2016-09-22 18:00

hackerboards: This guide to 21 open source projects for IoT ranges from standards organizations to open source frameworks and dev tools.

Vista 10 Under Attack From Media, UNIX/Linux Under Attack From Microsoft

TuxMachines - Thu, 2016-09-22 17:44
  • Linux "lockout" tangle snarls Lenovo

    After failing to install Linux on a recent Lenovo laptop, a Reddit user claims to have received a short reply from Lenovo's support team: "This system has a Signature Edition of Windows 10 Home installed. It is locked per our agreement with Microsoft."

    The company is reportedly shutting discussion threads on its official forums to prevent "disruption," though the snarl of links and outrage flying around makes everything rather murky. The core facts at hand appear to be that a) the BIOS is programmed to enforce a RAID setup that is currently compatible only with Windows 10, and there's no technical rationale for it, it's just there to prevent other operating systems being installed. A is, of course, more plausibly true than B.

  • Which? slams Microsoft for Windows 10 update woes

    Which? has called on Microsoft to honour the rights of its customers after a survey found that 12 per cent of those who upgraded to Windows 10 from an earlier version had rolled back and that many more were annoyed with the update.

    More than half of those who rolled back to a previous edition said it was because the new version had caused problems with their devices.

    The problems included printers, WiFi cards and speakers no longer working, files being lost and emails no longer syncing. In some cases the computer required professional repair.

    Many complained that the only reason they upgraded in the first place was to get rid of the constant nagware employed by Microsoft through the GWX system installed on machines that qualified for a free upgrade.

    Many said that they had actually turned down the nagware offers and found that Windows 10 had installed anyway.

  • Windows 10 software condemned by Which? [Ed: Microsoft should stand trial for it]

    Microsoft has been criticised over its Windows 10 software by consumer rights group Which?.

    The body said it had received hundreds of complaints about the upgrade, including lost files, emails no longer syncing and broken wi-fi and printing.

    In some cases, it said, users had had to pay for their computer to be repaired.

    Microsoft defended its software and highlighted that it provided help online and by phone.

    "The Windows 10 upgrade is a choice designed to help people take advantage of the most secure and most productive Windows," said a spokesman.

    "Customers have distinct options. Should a customer need help with the upgrade experience, we have numerous options including free customer support."

    Which? surveyed more than 5,500 of its members in June, and said that 12% of the 2,500 who had upgraded to Windows 10 had later reverted to an earlier version.

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Security News

TuxMachines - Thu, 2016-09-22 17:42
  • Security advisories for Wednesday
  • Why we should just simply call ourselves Hackers

    Developers, Programmers, Engineers, Code Artists, Coders, Codesmiths, Code Warriors, Craftsmen … these are currently the labels we use to explain our profession. One can get an idea of how this can appear confusing to the outsider.

    Computers can enrich our lives, give focus, amplify our adventures, gauge our science and grow our business. Right now computing is being embedded into everything and it is now more than ever that we need to redefine our role and show. some. fucking. solidarity.

    Rather than confusing pre-existing labels and shoe-horning them to our profession, which makes use of synthetic intelligence more than any, I propose that we call ourselves Hackers instead of the myriad other ways.

  • Germany surveys cyber-attacks

    Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has launched a survey to obtain information about actual cyber-attacks on business and government, to assess potential risks, and to determine protective measures. The study should result in new ICT security recommendations.

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Red Hat Financial News

TuxMachines - Thu, 2016-09-22 17:42

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An Early Port Of GCC To AMD's GCN Architecture

Phoronix - Thu, 2016-09-22 17:40
While still in its early stages, there's a port in the works of the GNU Compiler Collection for AMD's GCN (Graphics Core Next) instruction set architecture...

XDC2017 X.Org/Mesa/Wayland Conference To Be Hosted By Google

Phoronix - Thu, 2016-09-22 17:06
The X.Org Foundation Board of Directors held their annual in-face meeting today at XDC2016 in Helsinki, Finland. At this meeting they have decided to accept Google's invitation to host XDC2017 at the Googleplex...

Android Leftovers

TuxMachines - Thu, 2016-09-22 17:00

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Wayland 1.12 Next-Gen Linux Display Server Officially Released with Many Goodies

LinuxToday - Thu, 2016-09-22 17:00

 softpedia: Development for Wayland 1.12 and Weston 1.12 started exactly a month ago when the first Alpha build was seeded to public testers

Mozilla Says Goodbye to Firefox Hello in Firefox 49

LXer - Thu, 2016-09-22 16:54
Firefox 49 fixes 18 flaws, including one already fixed in the Tor Browser.

Don't use Google Allo

Reddit - Thu, 2016-09-22 16:40

KVM switch woes.

Reddit - Thu, 2016-09-22 16:37

I have a Macbook Pro and a PC (dual boots Win10 and Ubuntu). Bought a SIIG KVM switch, single usb port 3.0 to switch my keyboard (as my monitor already has an input source toggle).

The boot loader seems unimpressed with my keyboard when it's ran thru the switch. Additionally, Ubuntu has some fatal errors on startup and seems very grumpy about the ordeal. I'm switching b/w two physical keyboards for the time being, but I wondered if anyone else here has experience with this (would like to tidy my desk as much as possible).

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GUI Programming with Python

Reddit - Thu, 2016-09-22 16:22

IBM Forges More OpenStack Ties with Canonical and Red Hat

LinuxToday - Thu, 2016-09-22 16:00

OStatic: IBM is also making a shrewd move in tying its cloud strategy to Ubuntu and Canonical's OpenStack strategy.

LPIs Inspiring New Promo ReBranding Video

LXer - Thu, 2016-09-22 15:57
LPI has released an inspiring new video as part of its rebranding exercise.Editor's note: this is a direct link to the youtube video.

a Link posted few months ago.

Reddit - Thu, 2016-09-22 15:45

Hey, there was a guy that posted a website with a nice hi that explains the gnu/Linux system. Like beginner commands, file system and more. If someone has it bookmarked, I really appreciate if you share it with me.

submitted by /u/maxxterexe
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Intel's FastUIDraw Is Very Promising For Fast, GPU-Accelerated Drawing

Phoronix - Thu, 2016-09-22 15:30
Intel Open-Source Technology Center developer Kevin Rogovin just finished presenting at this year's XDC2016 conference in Helsinki. Rogovin presented on the promising 01.org project FastUIDraw...

openSUSE Leap 42.2 Beta 2 Switches To KDE Plasma 5.8 Beta

Phoronix - Thu, 2016-09-22 15:23
The second beta of the upcoming openSUSE 42.2 Linux distribution is now available. One notable change is that 42.2 has switched to the KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS beta...


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