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How to Install and Configure Conky

LinuxToday - Sun, 2016-05-01 19:00

Linux.com: At first blush, Conky is a system monitor that will display pertinent information on your desktop

Android Leftovers

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-05-01 18:52

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Debian and Devuan

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-05-01 18:46
  • An Open Letter to Linas Vepstas

    The entire essay continues on a similar note. Although the title implies this is a rant about Ubuntu and Debian, he seems to paint the entirety of Linux Land with the same broad brush. And that would be factually wrong.

    "Factually wrong" doesn't mean he hasn't pointed out some serious problems. He has. I and many other Linux users see the same problems he identifies. What's "factually wrong" is that these problems are built into the combination of kernel, system software, and applications generally called either "Linux" or "GNU/Linux". And his implication that there's no reasonable way for a user to avoid these problems is also factually wrong.

    The bottom line of my objection to his essay is this: Nobody should use software they don't like, especially if there's a reasonable alternative. And by extension, why is Linas still using Debian and Ubuntu and systemd and Firefox and Chrome and Gnome? There are reasonable alternatives to every single one of them.

  • March and April contributions
  • My work for Debian in April
  • Free software activities in April 2016
  • Devuan Jessie 1.0 Beta Screenshot Tour

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LinuxFest NorthWest 2016 and foss-north

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-05-01 18:44
  • LinuxFest NorthWest 2016

    I was at LinuxFest NorthWest 2016 last weekend. I’ve been going to LFNW for several years now, and I look forward to it every year – it’s just a great conference, which has managed to grow to nearly 2000 registrations this year while keeping its community/grassroots feel. The talks are always widely varied and interesting, and there’s a great feeling that you could run into anyone doing anything – I spent an hour or two at the social event talking to a group of college students who run a college radio station entirely on F/OSS, which was awesome.

  • foss-north – Schedule available

    Just a short update on foss-north – the schedule is up. We have a whole list of speakers that I’m super excited about and tickets are selling well. I still don’t know what to expect, but more than 1/3 of the tickets are gone and the sales numbers are actually even better for the full priced tickets than the early birds.

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Which Linux distributions support proprietary AMD drivers?

Reddit - Sun, 2016-05-01 18:17

Ubuntu 16.04 is not supporting them. Is it coming in the future?

submitted by /u/darkhorse753
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Top 5 Best Alternative Linux Distributions for Windows 10 Users

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-05-01 17:41

Also check out the following articles to find out about our top Linux distributions of the year 2015 and 2016.

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1 simple thing that irritates me on Gnome and it's a common thing in KDE

Reddit - Sun, 2016-05-01 17:29

Text resizing with the scroll wheel.

Yeah, I know it might seem like a trivial thing. But the truth is that the programs and their authors have various eye sight and various ideas about how big the font should be.

In KDE if I feel I need a little bigger font I press CTRL and scroll the mouse wheel. It's almost in every KDE editor/application with text areas. It's so handy, especially if I want to see more code, than go back to regular size, or if I am tired at night increase it even more, etc.

In Gnome apps like gedit I am out of luck. Or maybe there is a plugin for that, I don't know.

Why can't Gnome developers add the increase/decrease font size feature like it is in KDE?

The Gnome fans answer always that it's not a problem and I can set that in settings.

Adjusting font size according to my actual emotion/eye strain with CTRL and scrolling a wheel on my mouse it's something I cannot give up KDE.

There is only a few programs in Gnome camp that allow this, in KDE it's much more common.

If the Gnome devs are reading this, I hope they will start using this feature much more often.


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TIL About Lazy Initialization

Reddit - Sun, 2016-05-01 16:36

After deleting a partition and resizing the other I ended up with my HDD constantly using around 2M/s, was wondering wtf happened. Well it seems that this did:


Yet another day when I learned something new and all that because of GNOME extension that shows me my disk I/O., thanks GNOME ;)

submitted by /u/gutigen
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Is it legal for me to sell a Raspberry Pi w/ Kali Linux installed on it.

Reddit - Sun, 2016-05-01 16:29

I posted my Raspberry Pi pentester a week ago on the internet for sale; basically because I wanted to upgrade to something else, but whenever I mentioned it to a friend he said "not legal". Some of the forums I've researched said it was different statewide in the US. I'd like to sell, but I'd also like to stay out of any legal trouble. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

submitted by /u/19AT
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DragonBox Pyra Goes Up For Pre-Order

Phoronix - Sun, 2016-05-01 16:25
It's been a while since last hearing anything about the DragonBox Pyra as an open-source gaming handheld system and successor to OpenPandora, but that changed this weekend with the launch of pre-orders for this Linux-powered device...

Interesting and/or innovative projects in the Linux (and OSS) world?

Reddit - Sun, 2016-05-01 16:02

I'm pretty happy with what I use, but there's a lot of cool projects going on.

Void Linux- started by a former NetBSD dev, written from scratch package manager xpbs, runit init system.

Bedrock Linux- really unique distro. It can take packages from completely different distros, live dist-upgrades, this stuff I don't fully understand.

NixOS- Nix package manager, declarative system, functional config management.

Canonical's Mir and Unity 8 (tablet development and support, Snappy packages), Wayland, and AMDGPU.

Outside Linux, The various BSD projects have some neat little things like OpenBSD replacing sudo with doas. Obviously FreeBSD's work on ZFS and Jails, DragonflyBSD's HAMMER(2) filesystem.

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Why is Unity not available for other Linux Distros? Is it closed source?

Reddit - Sun, 2016-05-01 15:51

Personally, i am not a big fan of Unity 7. But I have been tracking some of the Unity 8 changes and oh boy, it looks awesome. I am excited to see where it goes and if I can install it on other distros?

submitted by /u/tinycosmicdust
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The Latest Changes For Ubuntu's Mir

Phoronix - Sun, 2016-05-01 15:05
It's been a while since last having any major news to report out of the Mir camp for Ubuntu's alternative to Wayland...

Defining the OpenStack Cloud Roadmap

LinuxToday - Sun, 2016-05-01 15:00

eWEEK: Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation, gives the new roadmap effort a 'D' grade, but expects improvement soon.

I'm running the Ubuntu live CD to test it out. I've just installed some software on it, how is this magic possible?

Reddit - Sun, 2016-05-01 13:35

Just installed chromium while running Ubuntu live CD. How does that work?

submitted by /u/FatherOak
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