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IBM Claims “New Linux Based Power System Server Kicks Butt

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-09-25 15:19

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Leftovers: Ubuntu

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-09-25 15:15
  • Ubuntu Phone, Sep 2016 - Vorsprung durch Touch

    The Ubuntu Phone is getting better, and with every new iteration of the OTA, my little BQ Aquaris E4.5 is gaining more speed and functionality. Like in the air force, with an avionics upgrade, which transforms ancient wings into a powerful and modern bird of prey. Only the pace of advancement is lagging behind the market. See what Android and iOS can do, even Windows Phone, and you realize how late and insufficiently meaningful the Ubuntu Phone really is. This has to change, massively.

    This latest round does bring some fine goods to the table - more speed and stability, better icons, more overall visual polish, incremental improvements in the applications and the scopes. But that's not enough to win the heart of the average user. A more radical, app-centric effort is required. More focus on delivering the mobile experience, be it as it may. Ubuntu cannot revolutionalize that which is already considered the past. It can only join the club and enjoy the benefits of a well-established reality. And that is a kickass app stack that makes the touch device worth using in the first place.

    Still, it's not all gloomy. E4.5 is a better product now than it was a year ago, fact. Ubuntu Phone is a better operating system than it was even this spring, fact. So maybe one day we will see Ubuntu become an important if not dominant player in the phone and tablet space. It sure is heading in the right direction, my only fear is the availability of resources to pull off this massive rehaul that is needed to make it stand up to the old and proven giants. And that's it really.

    If you're keen on Linux (not Android) making it in the mobile world, do not forget to check my Ubuntu tablet review! Especially the convergence piece. On that merry note, you do remember that I'm running a wicked contest this year, too? He/she who reads my books might get a chance to win an M10 tablet. Indeed. Off you go, dear readers. Whereas I will now run the same set of tests we did here on the Aquaris tablet, and see how it likes the OTA-12 upgrade. The end.

  • Ubuntu 16.10 Unity 8 - new window snapping feature
  • Ubuntu Online Summit for Ubuntu 17.04 is Taking Place In Mid-November
  • Ubuntu Online Summit: 15-16 November 2016

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Leftovers: OSS and Sharing

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-09-25 15:10
  • 10 Top Open Source Artificial Intelligence Tools for Linux

    In this post, we shall cover a few of the top, open-source artificial intelligence (AI) tools for the Linux ecosystem. Currently, AI is one of the ever advancing fields in science and technology, with a major focus geared towards building software and hardware to solve every day life challenges in areas such as health care, education, security, manufacturing, banking and so much more.

  • List of FLOSS International Conferences September 2016 Materials
  • This Week In Servo 78

    Our overall roadmap is available online and now includes the initial Q3 plans. From now on, we plan to include the quarterly plan with a high-level breakdown in the roadmap page.

  • Firefox 49 Release: Find out what is new

    Firefox 49.0 is the next major stable release of the web browser. Firefox 48.0.2 and earlier versions of Firefox can be updated to the new release.

  • Open-Source Climate Change Data From NASA, NOAA, & Others Available For 1st Time

    Climate change has many components — rising sea levels, alterations in rainfall patterns, and an increase in severe storm activity, among others. Communities around the world are faced with the need to plan for climate change but don’t have the information available to do so effectively.

  • Another Setback for 3D Printed Gun Advocate Cody Wilson as Court of Appeals Rules That National Security Concerns Outweigh Free Speech

    It’s been a long, drawn-out battle, beginning in 2013 when Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed, published the open source files for his 3D printed handgun, the Liberator, online. The State Department ordered that he take the files down, and Wilson complied, but not before thousands had downloaded them and spread them elsewhere on the Internet. In 2015, with the help of gun rights organization The Second Amendment Foundation, Wilson filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the State Department had violated not only his Second Amendment but his First Amendment rights. By suppressing his right to share information online, Wilson argued, the State Department was violating his right to free speech.

  • In 3D-Printed Gun Case, Federal Court Permits Speech Censorship in the Name of Alleged National Security
  • Oracle tries playing nice with Java EE rebels

    With Oracle now trying to get back on track with advancing enterprise Java, the company is seeking rapprochement with factions that had sought to advance the platform on their own. The two groups involved are mostly amenable to patching up the relationship.

    Oracle's Anil Gaur, group vice president of engineering, said this week he had already been in touch with some of the concerned parties. The two factions include Java EE Guardians, led by former Oracle Java EE evangelist Reza Rahman, and Microprofile.io, which has included participation from Red Hat and IBM.

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GNU News

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-09-25 15:08

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Project Releases

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-09-25 15:07

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CUPS 2.2 released

Reddit - Sun, 2016-09-25 15:06

Here is a list of the changes:

* Normalized the TLS certificate validation code and added additional error messages to aid troubleshooting. * http*Connect did not work on Linux when cupsd was not running (Issue #4870) * The --no-remote-any option of cupsctl had no effect (Issue #4866) * http*Connect did not return early when all addresses failed (Issue #4870) * Updated the list of supported IPP Everywhere media types. * The IPP backend did not validate TLS credentials properly. * The printer-state-message attribute was not cleared after a print job with no errors (Issue #4851) * The CUPS-Add-Modify-Class and CUPS-Add-Modify-Printer operations did not always return an error for failed adds (Issue #4854) * PPD files with names longer than 127 bytes did not work (Issue #4860) * Updated localizations (Issue #4846, PR #4858) * Added Upstart support (PR #4825) * CUPS now supports Let's Encrypt certificates on Linux. * All CUPS commands now support POSIX options (Issue #4813) * The scheduler now restarts faster (Issue #4760) * Improved performance of web interface with large numbers of jobs (Issue #3819) * Encrypted printing can now be limited to only trusted printers and servers (<rdar://problem/25711658>) * The scheduler now advertises PWG Raster attributes for IPP Everywhere clients (Issue #4428) * The scheduler now logs informational messages for jobs at LogLevel "info" (Issue #4815) * The scheduler now uses the getgrouplist function when available (Issue #4611) * The IPP backend no longer enables compression by default except for certain raster formats that generally benefit from it (<rdar://problem/25166952>) * The scheduler did not handle out-of-disk situations gracefully (Issue #4742) * The LPD mini-daemon now detects invalid UTF-8 sequences in job, document, and user names (Issue #4748) * The IPP backend now continues on to the next job when the remote server/printer puts the job on hold (<rdar://problem/24858548>) * The scheduler did not cancel multi-document jobs immediately (<rdar://problem/24854834>) * The scheduler did not return non-shared printers to local clients unless they connected to the domain socket (<rdar://problem/24566996>) * The scheduler now reads the spool directory if one or more job cache entries point to deleted jobs (<rdar://problem/24048846>) * Added support for disc media sizes (<rdar://problem/20219536>) * The httpAddrConnect and httpConnect* APIs now try connecting to multiple addresses in parallel (<rdar://problem/20643153>) * The cupsd domain socket is no longer world-accessible on macOS (<rdar://problem/7542560>) * Interface scripts are no longer supported for security reasons (<rdar://problem/23135640>) * Added a new cupsHashData API and support for hashed job passwords (<rdar://problem/20221502>) * Localization fixes (<rdar://problem/25292403>, <rdar://problem/25461517>, Issue #4041, Issue #4796) * Documentation changes (Issue #4624, Issue #4781) * Packaging fixes (PR #4832) submitted by /u/oscoscosc
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PostgreSQL 9.6 Preparing To Release Next Week With Its Parallel Queries Support

Phoronix - Sun, 2016-09-25 15:06
PostgreSQL 9.6 is being prepared for release on 29 September as the database system's latest major update...

Security Leftovers

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-09-25 15:02
  • Krebs Goes Down, Opera Gets a VPN & More…

    Krebs on Security in record DDOS attack: Everybody’s go-to site for news and views of security issues, has been temporarily knocked offline in a DDOS attack for the record books. We first heard about the attack on Thursday morning after Brian Krebs reported that his site was being hit by as much as 620 Gbs, more than double the previous record which was considered to be a mind-blower back in 2013 when the anti-spam site Spamhaus was brought to its knees.

    Security sites such as Krebs’ that perform investigative research into security issues are often targets of the bad guys. In this latest case, Ars Technica reported the attack came after Krebs published the identity of people connected with vDOS, Israeli black hats who launched DDOS attacks for pay and took in $600,000 in two years doing so. Akamai had been donating DDoS mitigation services to Krebs, but by 4 p.m. on the day the attack began they withdrew the service, motivated by the high cost of defending against such a massive attack. At this point, Krebs decided to shut down his site.

  • Upgrade your SSH keys!

    When generating the keypair, you're asked for a passphrase to encrypt the private key with. If you will ever lose your private key it should protect others from impersonating you because it will be encrypted with the passphrase. To actually prevent this, one should make sure to prevent easy brute-forcing of the passphrase.

    OpenSSH key generator offers two options to resistance to brute-force password cracking: using the new OpenSSH key format and increasing the amount of key derivation function rounds. It slows down the process of unlocking the key, but this is what prevents efficient brute-forcing by a malicious user too. I'd say experiment with the amount of rounds on your system. Start at about 100 rounds. On my system it takes about one second to decrypt and load the key once per day using an agent. Very much acceptable, imo.

  • Irssi 0.8.20 Released
  • What It Costs to Run Let's Encrypt

    Today we’d like to explain what it costs to run Let’s Encrypt. We’re doing this because we strive to be a transparent organization, we want people to have some context for their contributions to the project, and because it’s interesting.

    Let’s Encrypt will require about $2.9M USD to operate in 2017. We believe this is an incredible value for a secure and reliable service that is capable of issuing certificates globally, to every server on the Web free of charge.

    We’re currently working to raise the money we need to operate through the next year. Please consider donating or becoming a sponsor if you’re able to do so! In the event that we end up being able to raise more money than we need to just keep Let’s Encrypt running we can look into adding other services to improve access to a more secure and privacy-respecting Web.

  • North Korean DNS Leak reveals North Korean websites

    One of North Korea’s top level DNS servers was mis-configured today (20th September 2016) accidentally allowing global DNS zone transfers. This allowed anyone who makes a zone transfer request (AXFR) to retrieve a copy of the nation’s top level DNS data.


    This data showed there are 28 domains configured inside North Korea, here is the list:


  • Yahoo’s Three Hacks

    As a number of outlets have reported, Yahoo has announced that 500 million of its users’ accounts got hacked in 2014 by a suspected state actor.

    But that massive hack is actually one of three interesting hacks of Yahoo in recent years.

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Audacious 3.8 Free Music Player Is Out, Finally Lets You Run Multiple Instances

LinuxToday - Sun, 2016-09-25 15:00

Audacious 3.8 has been in development since early August when the first Beta milestone was announced, and it received a second Beta build in early September.

SuperTux 0.5 Released With In-Game Level Editor

Phoronix - Sun, 2016-09-25 14:50
SuperTux v0.5 is now available as the newest version of this open-source Tux-themed game inspired by Super Mario Bros...

Rebooted Macbook Pro with Ubuntu 16.04 2nd display issues

Reddit - Sun, 2016-09-25 14:40

Apologies if this is the wrong place to submit this but I tried in r/linuxfornoobs and had no reply.

I'm currently running 16.04 on my 08' Macbook Pro, been running great, no hiccups.

I've recently bought a projector and an adapter for the only display output. It's a Thunderbolt MiniDisplay port adapter to HDMI cable linked into my projectors HDMI input.

I've changed the graphics driver to the most recent and tested proprietary drivers, booted up from shut down with everything connected and I'm still getting zero luck. System is only detecting the built in display, is there any sort of code I should be looking for to get this to work?

Appreciate any help people can provide!

submitted by /u/Kenham2702
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OpenChrome Maintainer Making Some Progress On VIA DRM Driver

Phoronix - Sun, 2016-09-25 14:35
Independent developer Kevin Brace took over maintaining the OpenChrome DDX driver earlier this year to improve the open-source VIA Linux graphics support while over the summer he's slowly been getting up to speed on development of the OpenChrome DRM driver...

Italian Military's LibreOffice Migration Underway; 100,000+ PCs To Be Migrated

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-09-25 14:25

As we reported exactly an year ago, Italian Military's plans to migrate its entire fleet of desktop PCs to LibreOffice is well underway and has reached its first milestone. Since the project got started about an year ago, the Italian military have switched over 8000 PC workstations to LibreOffice.

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Every Little Hacker needs a Little Linux Computer

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-09-25 14:19

I know what you’re probably all thinking, why isn’t this kid’s adorable face on every possible toddler related product currently on the market? Rest assured, I constantly remind my sister of how she could be exploiting his cuteness for millions of dollars- but I digress. Where were we? Oh right, Linux.

Let’s talk hardware. If we’re building this little dude a Linux computer and we’re “ballin’ on a budget”, there’s no better choice than a Raspberry Pi. I mean he is a hacker in training, right? His typing (and well, hand coordination in general) isn’t that great yet, so we’ll need an over-sized keyboard. A big mouse pad, and a good wireless mouse will do well. Oh, and how about a VESA mount case for the Raspberry Pi so it stays out of the way? All of that should do nicely.

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Can Justin Trudeau Fix Canada’s Broken Government IT System?

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-09-25 13:38

During a March hearing before the House of Commons Government Operations Committee, there was a telling exchange between an official of Shared Services Canada (SSC)–the department that manages the Canadian federal government’s IT–and rookie MP David Graham. Graham wanted to know what percentage of SSC’s data centres and servers ran on Linux or other similar source software. Patrice Rondeau, the SSC official, replied that “approximately 15 percent are running Linux.”

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Kaspersky Lab Announces Security solution for Tizen-based Internet of Things

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-09-25 12:48

Russia-based Kaspersky Lab has announced that it has developed security solutions for mobile devices and Internet of Things (IOT) running on the Tizen operating system.

IOT has emerged as one of the fastest growing areas of the IT market and based on projections from various research institutions and IT companies around the world, the Internet of Things (IOT) infrastructure will integrate around 200 billion devices worldwide comprising smartphones, computers, household appliances, automobiles and several electronic items.

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My Mom Runs Linux!

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-09-25 12:17

People are coming to Linux in droves these days. They each have their own reasons. It could be a desire to get out from under the thumb of proprietary software’s limitations, privacy concerns or just plain old economics. Some of them find a whole new world of computing happiness and others walk away frustrated. Why is that?

How you approach learning something new usually will determine just how successful you are at learning it. It’s all about attitude. Learning is a journey and those who cling to the fear of not reaching a pleasant destination usually quit before they start and stay right where they are. Those who are born with an innate curiosity and a sense of adventure often find that learning something new brings great rewards. Thus, they are constantly looking for new things to learn. It’s the naturally curious ones who tend to do well with Linux.

If you sit a child in front of a Linux computer, they usually just start using it. It’s an amazing thing to watch. Kids are curious by nature and they also have the added advantage of not having any preconceived notions when it comes to how a computer ought to work. I have found, on the other hand, that the hardest kind of person to teach Linux is the crusty old Windows power user. They are lost from the start and tend to get easily frustrated when they come across something they don’t understand. Their outbursts of anger can be quite animated! The Internet’s public forums are full of vitriol flung at the Linux Community by these sorts of folks. I learned a long time ago that the best way to deal with them is to simply ignore them. The psychological reasons for their bitter negativity are beyond my expertise to deal with, therefore, I don’t. What I try to do is focus on the positive and help folks who want to learn.

Also: Windows 10 Might Soon Track Absolutely Everything You Do for Your Own Good

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Ubuntu and Unity

Reddit - Sun, 2016-09-25 11:35

When will Ubuntu release with a properly made Unity 8?

submitted by /u/Rytuklis
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