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IoTivity 2.0: What's in Store?

LXer - Mon, 2016-08-15 17:57
In May, we reported on an Embedded Linux Conference talk by Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) Executive Director Mike Richmond on the potential for interoperability between the OCF’s IoTivity IoT framework and the AllSeen Alliance’s AllJoyn spec.

Testing Network Connectivity for Applications in Containers

Linux.com - Mon, 2016-08-15 17:00

Testing applications is a critical part of software development as illustrated by the rise of continuous integration and automated testing. In his upcoming LinuxCon + ContainerCon talk -- Testing Applications with Traffic Control in Containers -- Alban Crequy will focus on one area of testing that is difficult to automate: poor network connectivity. He will describe a testing approach which emulates network connectivity and which integrates existing Linux kernel features into higher level tools such as Kubernetes and Weave Scope.

runC: The little container engine that could

LXer - Mon, 2016-08-15 17:00
runC, a lightweight universal container runtime, is a command-line tool for spawning and running containers according to the Open Container Initiative (OCI) specification. That's the short version. The long version: The governance umbrella created by Docker, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat, and many other partners to create a common and standardized runtime specification has a readable spec document for the runtime elements of a container, and a usable implementation based on code contributed to the OCI by Docker.read more

How to configure a static IP address on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7

LinuxToday - Mon, 2016-08-15 17:00

On CentOS 7 or RHEL 7 it's important to understand the proper use of the NetworkManager daemon.

Firefox 49 To Offer Linux Widevine Support, Firefox Also Working On WebP Support

Phoronix - Mon, 2016-08-15 16:58
There are two exciting bits of Mozilla Firefox news to pass along today: Winevine support on Linux out-of-the-box to handle Netflix and friends. Separately, WebP image support is being worked on...

What would it mean for Linux if google ditched it for they OS?

Reddit - Mon, 2016-08-15 16:49

With the recent news on Fuchsia and they not using the Linux kernel for it, I was wondering. Was Google using the Linux kernel for Android beneficial for Linux? What would it mean for Linux if Google ditched it now?

submitted by /u/silencer_ar
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VMware survives GPL breach case, but plaintiff promises appeal

LXer - Mon, 2016-08-15 16:02
Linux kernel developer Christoph Hellwig's bid to have VMware's knuckles rapped for breaching the GNU General Public Licence (GPL) has failed, for now, after the Landgericht Hamburg found in Virtzilla's favour.

Automatically Deploy Build Images with Travis

Linux.com - Mon, 2016-08-15 16:00
Title: Automatically Deploy Build Images with Travis15 AugLearn more

Linux 4.8 rc2

LinuxToday - Mon, 2016-08-15 16:00

Linus Torvalds: We've had a week since the merge window closed, and rc2 is out. Go test it.

IoTivity 2.0: What’s in Store?

Linux.com - Mon, 2016-08-15 15:30

In May, we reported on an Embedded Linux Conference talk by Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) Executive Director Mike Richmond on the potential for interoperability between the OCF’s IoTivity IoT framework and the AllSeen Alliance’s AllJoyn spec.

How to manage binary blobs with Git

LXer - Mon, 2016-08-15 15:05
n the previous six articles in this series we learned how to manage version control on text files with Git. But what about binary files? Git has extensions for handling binary blobs such as multimedia files, so today we will learn how to manage binary assets with Git.

Youker Assistant For Linux System Maintenance & Cleanup Tool

LinuxToday - Mon, 2016-08-15 15:00

Youker Assistant is Linux system maintenance application built by Ubuntu Kylin

What is the most futuristic looking operating system?

Reddit - Mon, 2016-08-15 14:32

What is the most futuristic looking os the may be Linux or something completely different.

submitted by /u/azim03
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KDE Plasma 5.8 To Finally Allow LLVMpipe, Drops EGL On X11 Option

Phoronix - Mon, 2016-08-15 14:26
There are several changes to KWin's OpenGL compositor support with the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.8 release...

Qt Quick 2's Graphics State For Qt 5.8

Phoronix - Mon, 2016-08-15 14:14
Qt developers Laszlo Agocs and Andy Nchols have written a summary on The Qt Blog about the state of the Qt Quick 2 graphics stack for the upcoming Qt 5.8 release...

GNOME's GUADEC 2016 Videos Now Available

Phoronix - Mon, 2016-08-15 14:04
Running this weekend in Karlsruhe, Germany was the 2016 GUADEC conference -- GNOME's annual big event. It looked like it was another excellent event and the videos are now available...

How to Generate/Encrypt/Decrypt Random Passwords in Linux

LinuxToday - Mon, 2016-08-15 14:00

In this article, we will share some interesting Linux tips and tricks to generate random passwords and also how to encrypt and decrypt passwords with or without slat method.


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