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TuxMachines - Tue, 2016-04-26 08:37
  • Checkpoint-Restore Microconference Accepted into 2016 Linux Plumbers Conference

    This year will feature a four-fold deeper dive into checkpoint-restore technology, thanks to participation by people from a number of additional related projects! These are the OpenMPI message-passing library, Berkeley Lab Checkpoint/Restart (BLCR), and Distributed MultiThreaded CheckPointing (DMTCP) (not to be confused with TCP/IP), in addition to the Checkpoint/Restore in Userspace group that has participated in prior years.

  • Setting Up The Radeon Open Compute Platform On Linux

    Posted today to the GPUOpen blog was a guide on setting up the Radeon Open Compute Platform (ROCm) support. The RoCm 1.0 platform consists of the ROCK kernel driver, ROCR runtime, ROCT Thunk Interface, HCC compiler, LLVM-AMDGPU-Assembler-Extra, and LLVM/Clang. AMD/RTG offers the Radeon Open Compute Platform packages for Ubuntu/Debian systems as well as Fedora/RedHat distributions.

  • Many EFI Updates Prepped For Linux 4.7 Kernel

    Matt Fleming at Intel sent out the set of patches he intends to submit as the queue of EFI changes for what will become the Linux 4.7 kernel. He noted of this queue, "this is probably the biggest EFI pull ever sent, and there quite a few different topics covered."

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My Linux Desktop — Hither and Yawn

TuxMachines - Tue, 2016-04-26 08:27

An argument has taken the form of a verbal running gun battle at our shop, depending on who’s working that day. Does training a student in the use of Linux deprive them of valuable, life-long learning opportunities? I mean, it’s hard to argue the value of being able to delve into the registry and edit the offending subkeys and values that are allowing your banking information to be spread across three continents. How are they to learn the ins and outs of virus and malware protection and for Pete’s sake, do it for the children. Make sure they learn how to use Malwarebytes. For the love of Linux, please don’t fail these kids.

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Email Server With Postfix Dovecot MailScanner

LXer - Tue, 2016-04-26 08:13
A detailed installation and configuration of an email server with Postfix, Dovecot, MailScanner, MailWatch, PostfixAdmin, and Roundcube on CentOS 7.

Verizon and NASA Double Down on Red Hat OpenStack

LinuxToday - Tue, 2016-04-26 08:00

eWEEK: As the OpenStack Summit kicks off, Red Hat reveals some major customer wins as well as a new milestone for trained professionals.

If you're a IT specialist I would suggest trying out Cyborg Linux.

Reddit - Tue, 2016-04-26 07:36

http://cyborg.ztrela.com/ I've been using it for about a year or so now and I like it better then Backtrack and Black Box. Tell me your thoughts.

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Active drive-by exploits critical Android bugs, care of Hacking Team

LXer - Tue, 2016-04-26 07:16
An ongoing drive-by attack is forcing ransomware onto Android smartphones by exploiting critical vulnerabilities in older versions of Google's mobile operating system still in use by millions of people, according to research scheduled to be published Monday...

ELI5: Ubuntu Universe security issues

Reddit - Tue, 2016-04-26 06:56

So I read most of the comments here on this article and honestly, it just confused me more.

Some say Canonical rebuilds the Universe packages in the next cycle from Debian Testing (which should fix the security issues of apps in that repository like VLC). On the other hand, there are mentions of the packages being not supported at all after 9 months, etc.

I am just plain confused. Can someone please give some context and ELI5? I was under the impression that everything in LTS is you know, long term supported.

I just love Ubuntu, it has been rock solid for me since my Linux start but if those security issues are really concerning, I wouldn't mind considering switching to OpenSuse or Fedora.

Edit: Also if this security issue is true and it really means that apart from Main, everything is only supported for 9 months, what then is the major difference between Ubuntu LTS releases and non-LTS ones? I will simply just keep updating to newer versions and be equally stable and secure then! Correct?

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How to change timezone on Linux

LXer - Tue, 2016-04-26 06:19
If the default timezone of your Linux system is not correct, you need to correct it to get accurate local time. Note that configuring NTP is not a solution for an incorrect timezone as NTP itself does not handle timezones. NTP handles time data in UTC, and actual local time is calculated by adding the local time zone offset.

Should beginners install Kali Linux on their computers?

LXer - Tue, 2016-04-26 05:21
Also in today's open source roundup: Black Lab Linux 7.6 released, and the meaning of Bash on Microsoft's Windows operating system.

Certified OpenStack administrator exam now available

LXer - Tue, 2016-04-26 04:24
At the OpenStack Summit, the OpenStack Foundation announced the general availability of its Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) exam.

Setting Up The Radeon Open Compute Platform On Linux

Phoronix - Tue, 2016-04-26 04:00
Now that the Radeon Open Compute platform reached v1.0, if you are wanting to try out this ROCm platform with a Volcanic Islands GPU here is a guide...

Five of the Best Productivity Tools for Linux

LinuxToday - Tue, 2016-04-26 04:00

Linux.com: General office productivity tools are those that enable you to work with documents and files and keep an efficient day-to-day work flow. Some might think these tools would be missing from the Linux ecosystem. I am happy to report, the naysayers are wrong.

Introducing the extra wallpapers for Fedora 24

LXer - Tue, 2016-04-26 03:27
In the Fedora 24 alpha release, you could preview an early version of the default wallpaper for Fedora 24. Each release, the Fedora Design team collaborates with the Fedora community to release a set of 16 additional backgrounds to install and... Continue Reading →

Linux Noob

Reddit - Tue, 2016-04-26 03:20

I've primarily been exposed to the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. But now I want to learn about Linux. Specifically CentOS. This is so I can be well rounded and more marketable.

What are some good books or websites that I can read, that would be very beneficial?

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Firefox 46.0 Is Ready To Ship, GTK3 Support Appears Finally Baked

Phoronix - Tue, 2016-04-26 03:04
Firefox 46 won't be formally announced until the morning, but in usual fashion the source and various platform binaries have appeared this evening. Firefox 46 is another significant update from the folks at Mozilla...

Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi 3 Officially Released, PINE64 Port Coming Soon

TuxMachines - Tue, 2016-04-26 02:33

Chromium OS for SBC project, through Dylan Callahan, informs Softpedia about the immediate availability for download of the Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi 3 single-board computers.

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Roundup of community backed x86 hacker SBCs

TuxMachines - Tue, 2016-04-26 02:32

The first community supported x86 hacker SBCs not backed by Intel or AMD are pricier than most ARM SBCs, but offer faster CPUs and competitive power drain.

The first x86-based community supported hacker SBCs not backed by Intel or AMD have reached market, offering higher prices than most ARM SBCs, but featuring faster processors and competitive power consumption. The Kickstarter-backed newcomers, all of which run Linux or Android, include the now-shipping JaguarBoard, the soon to ship UP board, and the Udoo X86, due in November.

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How to Test Mir and Unity 8 on Ubuntu 16.04

LXer - Tue, 2016-04-26 02:30
So, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is finally here and many of us are already getting our hands dirty with the final version of the most popular distribution that is using the X window system. While this long-term support release does look good, the upcoming major changes planned for Ubuntu 16.10 have generated great excitement.


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