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bash 4.4 released

Reddit - Fri, 2016-09-16 01:11

Marrying Ephemeral Docker Containers to Persistent Data

LXer - Fri, 2016-09-16 00:56
Docker containers are ephemeral by design. They come and they go like a herd of hyperactive squirrels, which is great for high availability, but not so great for preserving your data. Kendrick Coleman of EMC {code} demonstrated how to have both ephemeral containers and persistent data in his talk called "Highly Available [he]amp[/he] Distributed Containers" at ContainerCon North America.

GNU Bash 4.4 Released With Wide Variety Of Changes

Phoronix - Fri, 2016-09-16 00:36
GNU Bash 4.4 was released today with a wide variety of new features and changes...

Marrying Ephemeral Docker Containers to Persistent Data

LinuxToday - Fri, 2016-09-16 00:00

Linux.com: As container technologies become more complex, using them becomes easier

Tiny $2 IoT module runs FreeRTOS on Realtek Ameba WiFi SoC

LXer - Thu, 2016-09-15 23:59
Pine64’s $2 “PADI IoT Stamp” module is based on Realtek’s new “RTL8710AF” Cortex-M3 WiFi SoC, a cheaper FreeRTOS-ready competitor to the ESP8266. Realtek’s RTL8710AF WiFi system-on-chip began showing up on tiny “B&T” labeled modules in July in China on AliExpress, as described in this Hackaday post. The Realtek SoC offers an even lower cost, and […]

Putty question

Reddit - Thu, 2016-09-15 23:53

I have successfully set up 2 bitcoin miners to run cgminer though a Raspberry Pi 3. Using Putty to access it, I have initiated it and it has begun working. However, every time I exit putty, the miner stops.

I moved to the pi to save on some electricity so I don't have to leave my pc on at all times just to run them. Any advice?

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The Top 10 Linux Distributions Of All Time

LXer - Thu, 2016-09-15 23:02
This list genuinely contains the top 10 Linux distributions of all time. In fact there are 28 distributions in the list. Did you know only 3 distributions have ever held the number 1 position in Distrowatch? Can you name them? Have you ever heard of Sorceror?

An Early Look At Possible Changes/Features For PHP 7.2, PHP 8.0

LinuxToday - Thu, 2016-09-15 23:00

Phoronix: What's next for PHP?

Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) and Toyota

TuxMachines - Thu, 2016-09-15 22:44

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Uber’s Self-driving Pickups In Pittsburgh are Powered by Ubuntu

TuxMachines - Thu, 2016-09-15 22:22

Considered a research experiment rather than the first drum roll in a fully autonomous automotive revolution, Uber plan to use the data it gleans in the lifts — free for passengers willing to trust them — in order to learn more about how self driving cars behave and react when in the real world on real asphalt and under real driving conditions.

In Mashable’s first-hand account of what’s it’s like to be take a ride in a self-driving Uber you’ll notice that, like Tesla, that Ubuntu helps power Uber’s self driving smarts.

And TechCrunch’s Signe Brewster, in a write up of her experience in the same vehicle, says she “came away from my ride trusting the technology. The self-driving car detected obstacles, people and even potholes, and responded intelligently.“

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Libre Application Summit hosted by GNOME next week!

Reddit - Thu, 2016-09-15 22:08

Libre Application Summit hosted by GNOME (LAS GNOME) will be live next week Sept 19-23rd in Portland, OR! The idea of the conference is to aggressively build a measurable market for apps on Linux while working with the Linux kernel community and other user space communities to build an eco-system that can foster greater diversity in applications. We hope this will be a seminal event that will help keep desktop projects like GNOME and KDE viable in future in this new world of containers, cloud, and webapps.

Conference website at http://las.gnome.org/

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How to Get Started Writing Web Applications with Node.js

LXer - Thu, 2016-09-15 22:05
You can use Node.js to create anything from a simple webchat to an app that turns your mobile phone into a game controller. If you are using a videoconferencing utility over the web, the host is probably running on Node.js. If you are accessing your email and day planner through a web browser or playing online games, Node.js is sure to be somewhere in the mix, too...

What the rise of permissive open source licenses means

LinuxToday - Thu, 2016-09-15 22:00

CIO.com: Linus Torvalds might favor the GPL, but many others do not.

I have a stupid question but I need a for real answer cuz I don't know

Reddit - Thu, 2016-09-15 21:54

ok I am running gnome as my desktop went in to settings the details and I seen these processsor Intel® Core™ i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz × 4 Intel® Core™ i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz × 4 . that is the right cpu how ever what does the x4 mean. I know for a fact I only have to cores I do how ever have for threads.

submitted by /u/matti_wolf
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GNU Guile 2.1.4 released

Reddit - Thu, 2016-09-15 21:40


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