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How to Set Up 2-Factor Authentication for Login and sudo

LXer - Sat, 2016-05-14 05:43
Title: How to Set Up 2-Factor Authentication for Login and sudo13 MayLearn more

Ben Rady's Serverless Single Page Apps (The Pragmatic Programmers)

LXer - Sat, 2016-05-14 04:37
You don't need to manage your own servers to build powerful Webapplications. Need proof?

Growing a contributor base in modern open source

LXer - Sat, 2016-05-14 03:31
The focus of Node.js over the last year has been to increase the number of contributors working on the project. Node.js has seen sustained 100% year-over-year user growth for several years, but the number of contributors was, at one point, actually on the decline.read more

Graphical upgrades, Docs planning, budget discussion

LXer - Sat, 2016-05-14 02:24
F24 Beta: help test graphical upgrades! By now, you[he]#8217[/he]ve probably seen that the Fedora 24 Beta is here. One feature I[he]#8217[/he]m excited about this time around isn[he]#8217[/he]t really a Fedora 24 feature at all — it[he]#8217[/he]s something coming to Fedora... Continue Reading [he]#8594[/he]

AMD Unleashes Experimental AMDGPU Driver Support For GCN 1.0 / Southern Islands GPUs

Phoronix - Sat, 2016-05-14 01:27
Tonight AMD will be releasing their (experimental) patches for supporting GCN 1.0 "Southern Islands" graphics processors under their newer AMDGPU kernel DRM driver as an alternative to the mature GCN 1.0 support found within the longstanding Radeon DRM driver...

4 Tutorials for Building a Rugged Raspberry Pi Robot

LXer - Sat, 2016-05-14 01:18
In this series of four tutorials, Ben Martin provides step-by-step instructions, code, and troubleshooting tips to take you through the process of building, powering, connecting, and controlling your own Mantis robot mounted with a Raspberry Pi. Martin explains in detail how to attach motors, mount a RoboClaw motor controller, and then connect it to your Raspberry Pi through a USB port. He provides a program for controlling the robot with the keyboard and then extends the program so you can use a PS3 joystick to control your robotic creation.

Bodhi Linux 3.2.1 Is Out with Improved Multi-Monitor Support for Moksha Desktop

TuxMachines - Sat, 2016-05-14 00:34

Today, May 13, 2016, Bodhi Linux developer Jeff Hoogland announced the release and immediate availability for download of the Bodhi Linux 3.2.1 operating system.

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Docker Ramps Up Container Security

LinuxInsider - Sat, 2016-05-14 00:33
Docker this week announced the rollout of security scanning technology to safeguard container content across the entire software supply chain. Docker Security Scanning is an opt-in service for Docker Cloud private repository plans. It provides a security assessment of the software included in container images. It enables detailed image security profiles, continuous vulnerability monitoring, and notifications for integrated content security across the entire software supply chain, Docker said.

Day of reckoning arrives for BitKeeper's Larry McVoy

LXer - Sat, 2016-05-14 00:31
Eleven years after he rocked the Linux community by withdrawing the non-commercial version of BitKeeper, his source code management system, Larry McVoy has finally been forced to open source the application.

Mark Shuttleworth Challenges OpenStack to Think about Leadership

LinuxToday - Sat, 2016-05-14 00:00

Datamation: The founder of Ubuntu Linux, discusses his views on what OpenStack is doing right and what it's doing wrong.

Reading Web Comics via Bash Script

LXer - Fri, 2016-05-13 23:43
I follow several Web comics. I used to open my Web browser and checkout each comic's Web site. That method was fine when I read only a few Webcomics, but it became a pain to stay current when I followed morethan about ten comics. These days, I read around 20 Webcomics. It takes a lot of time to open each Web siteseparately just to read a Web comic.

After Years of Hard Work, ZFS for Linux Finally Lands in Debian GNU/Linux Repos

TuxMachines - Fri, 2016-05-13 23:19

Debian developer Petter Reinholdtsen today informed the community about the availability of the latest ZFS for Linux implementation of the ZFS filesystem for Linux kernel-based operating systems.

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Linux can't keep you safe if you don't update it

TuxMachines - Fri, 2016-05-13 23:18

At CoreOS Fest in Berlin, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Linux kernel developer and maintainer of the stable branch, talked about an inconvenient truth about Linux and security: vendors are notoriously bad about implementing patches.

For the last 15 years the kernel community has been following a rule to fix things as soon as possible. The Linux community fixes the bugs and pushed them so that vendors can push them to their users.

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Android Leftovers

TuxMachines - Fri, 2016-05-13 23:16

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What’s the Difference Between Open-O & OSM?

LinuxToday - Fri, 2016-05-13 23:00

SDXcentral: It’s ridiculously early in the existences of Open-O and Open Source MANO (OSM), two open source NFV management and network orchestration (MANO) efforts that emerged at almost the same time this year

Own a Raspberry Pi? You need to download this Raspbian Linux OS update -- here's what's new

TuxMachines - Fri, 2016-05-13 22:59

No matter how great hardware is, you need software to make it have any value. After all, what good is a computer without an operating system? Who would want a powerful graphics card without drivers? A good computing experience is the successful marriage between hardware and software.

A great example of this is the Raspberry Pi. At first, the specs and diminutive size pull you in, but then you must ask, what can you do with it? You will need to install an operating system to get started, and one of the most popular is Raspbian. Today, that lightweight Linux distro gets a big update. There are some significant updates here, so trust me when I say you need to get it!

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