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Why there is still no google drive client for linux?

Reddit - Sun, 2016-06-19 16:48

Does the policy contradicts or google is not interested in projects which is not much revenue oriented? h/t http://linuxmemes.com/articles/why-no-google-drive-client-for-linux/

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On Snappy and Flatpak: business as usual in the Canonical propaganda department

LXer - Sun, 2016-06-19 16:24
You may have read some stuff this week about an application delivery mechanism called Snappy and how it’s going to unite all distributions and kill apt and rpm!This is, to put it diplomatically, a heaping pile of steaming bull####.

Dockercon 16 Descends on Seattle

LinuxToday - Sun, 2016-06-19 16:15

InternetNews: Dockercon 16 kicks off with the opening of the show floor at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle today as those who love Docker, those who are curious about Docker, those looking to learn and those looking to profit from Docker, assemble.

5-Way Mesa 12.1-dev + Linux 4.7 Git Radeon Comparison

Phoronix - Sun, 2016-06-19 15:48
Following the massive Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu 16.04 Graphics Performance With Radeon Software, AMDGPU-PRO, AMDGPU+RadeonSI article, I immediately started work on my next article... In preparation for a hardware launch Linux testing later this month, I started testing my collection of AMD cards on Linux 4.7 and Mesa 12.1-dev. Here are some of those results if you are curious, including performance-per-Watt metrics...

Samsung Tizen Based Air Purifier AX7500 & AX5500 Launched

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-06-19 15:47

Samsung have announced a couple of Air purifiers as part of their 2016 range with model numbers AX7500 and AX5500. These are not your everyday ordinary Air purifiers as they have been designed to evaluate and purify the air in an Intelligent manner. This is another example of Samsung implementing Tizen in their home appliances.

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today's leftovers

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-06-19 15:39
  • Linux plus CP/M plus assembly equals LASM

    The TRS-80 Model II support in Kermit is missing hardware flow control support however which means that it’s very prone to dropping characters. I started to look into what it might take to add hardware flow control and this sent me down a rabbit hole of trying to figure out how the TRS-80 hardware works, how the Z80 SIO works, learning Z80 assembly, and of course, how the heck you even build CP/M Kermit 4.11 from source.

  • TheAlternative.ch - LinuxDays FS16 - The Power of Linux
  • 30 days in a terminal: Day 0 — The adventure begins

    Last summer, I wrote an article series called "Kicking Google out of my life." It was an attempt to remove all Google services entirely from my daily usage for 30 days—a surprisingly daunting challenge for someone who had become deeply dependent on Google. I was mostly successful. I chronicled my experience—detailing how I approached replacing Google services with non-Google variants—and in the end, my life was better for it.

  • Deutsche Bank moves blockchain project out of proof of concept stage and voices concerns with the distributed ledger technology

    Deutsche Bank has moved its blockchain project out of the proof of concept stage, according to the bank’s head of disruptive technologies, who also warned that the distributed ledger blockchain technology is still five to ten years from widespread use.

  • Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE:RHT) Yearly EBIT At $288.0481 Millions
  • Share Performance Review for Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE:RHT)
  • Were Analysts Bullish Red Hat Inc (NYSE:RHT) This Week?
  • Austin inadvertently promotes open-source ride-sharing

    The idea is to undermine the monopolies of companies like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and the like with a genuinely cooperative, horizontal and P2P model directly controlled by the users themselves, and cut out the corporate middleman altogether. Advocates for this model have coined the term “Platform Cooperativism” for it (if you search the #PlatformCooperativism hashtag on Twitter, you’ll find links to a lot of great articles on it).

  • RFC: a new solution to Input Method + Keyboard Layout

    This is not related to KDE itself, but I’d like to hear some opinion from keyboard layout users, especially from those who use more than one keyboard layout.

    Right now I’m designing a new feature for fcitx (for people who doesn’t know it, it’s an input method framework under Linux), currently called “input method group”. The goal of this feature is to solve the conflict between keyboard layout and input method (mostly conceptually) . It can also solve some other problem, but the original goal is about keyboard layout.

  • New SELinux shirts are available
  • Venerable Conficker Worm Survives on Obsolete Legacy Systems [Ed: Microsoft Windows.]

    he 8-year-old worm continues to infect in some corners of the Internet, highlighting the difficulty in eradicating more virulent programs.
    On Oct. 23, 2008, Microsoft revealed a critical flaw that could allow an attacker to remotely compromise and infect Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 systems.

    It took only a week for the Internet's seedier element to create the first malware based on the vulnerability. While initial attacks targeted specific companies and infected fewer than a dozen systems a day, the situation was much worse a month later when an unknown malware developer released a self-propagating worm.

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Server Administration

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-06-19 15:39
  • Containers 2.0: Why unikernels will rock the cloud

    Clouds have come to dominate the mindset of IT. The promises of business agility, maximized resource utilization, and flexible infrastructure have grabbed the imaginations of CIOs across the world. The opportunity to immediately adjust your infrastructure to the needs of your business is seen as a route to success.

  • Most Enterprises to Mainstream Containers Within a Year

    Docker and other application container platforms are already changing the way enterprises develop and deliver applications. Over the next year, container adoption will really ramp up, according to new report from the Cloud Foundry Foundation, Hope Versus Reality: Containers in 2016.

    Currently, 16 percent of organizations are already using containers in production, noted Abby Kearns, vice president of Industry Strategy at the Cloud Foundry Foundation. But ClearPath Strategies, the research firm that conducted the survey on behalf of the Foundation, asked participants about their plans, she started "seeing an interesting shift in those looking to move into production," she told Datamation.

  • Microsoft Azure Brings CoreOS Linux to China

    China will soon be enjoying the open source operating system CoreOS Linux thanks to Microsoft Azure as 21Vianet becomes the first ever officially supported cloud provider in the country.

    In a press release posted on their official website, Linux announced that the CoreOS would soon be made available for Chinese computer users together with Microsoft's cloud operating service, Azure.

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FreeBSD 11.0 Alpha 4 Released

Phoronix - Sun, 2016-06-19 15:39
The fourth alpha release of the upcoming FreeBSD 11.0 is now available for testing...

Krita Funding

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-06-19 15:38
  • GSoC 2016: Soft proofing, Gamut alarms and looks update.

    Partially, this week was spent on me recuperating from my exam-week and the Krita Kickstarter. After that, delving into the jungle that is Pigment, which is Krita’s colour management library, for abstracting the caching and handling of colour managed colours. It’s a bit of a jungle of templates and class inheritance. This part is where living at my mentor for a week was helpful, as communicating some of the problems I bumped into(mostly confusing class names and how to avoid having to rewrite the caching graph), would’ve been too difficult to do over IRC.

  • The 2016 Kickstarter

    This year's kickstarter fundraising campaign for Krita was more nerve-wracking than the previous two editions. Although we ended up 135% funded, we were almost afraid we wouldn't make it, around the middle. Maybe only the release of Krita 3.0 turned the campaign around. Here's my chaotic and off-the-cuff analysis of this campaign.

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Leftovers: Ubuntu and Debian

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-06-19 15:37
  • New APT signing key for code.liw.fi/debian
  • More work on aptitude

    The last few months have been a bit of a crazy period of ups and downs, with a tempest of events beneath the apparent and deceivingly calm surface waters of being unemployed (still at it).

  • Snaps - A Good Way to Test the Latest Apps

    If you've been following the latest Ubuntu news around the traps, you've probably heard about Canonical's "Snappy" system. We actually did an article on Snappy back in late 2014 when the project had just started to surface. As of the latest Ubuntu 16.04 LTS release, the core program 'snapd' is included out of the box, allowing you to install 'Snaps' right away.

  • Linux App Distribution Gets A Little Easier With 'Snap'
  • Community Appreciation Day

    Today is Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day, but this year I am going to expand my appreciation beyond the boundaries of the Ubuntu Community to include anyone in open source that has impacted my journey in open source.

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Distributions Introduced

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-06-19 15:37

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today's howtos

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-06-19 15:36

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Leftovers: Software

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-06-19 15:36
  • 10 Must Have Multimedia Software for Linux Desktop

    Each and every Linux user will have a set of his or her favorites in the list of must have applications. The selection is influenced by their habits, preferences and the distribution criteria which they use. The reason for it is that not all Linux applications support the same applications by default. Here is a list of the top 10 cool multimedia software for Linux desktop.

  • virt-manager 1.4.0 release

    I've just released virt-manager 1.4.0. Besides the spice GL bits that I previously talked about, nothing too much exciting in this release except a lot of virt-install/virt-xml command line extensions.

  • The Children's Illustrated Guide to Kubernetes

    And I responded, "Kubernetes is an open source orchestration system for Docker containers. It handles scheduling onto nodes in a compute cluster and actively manages workloads to ensure that their state matches the users' declared intentions. Using the concepts of "labels" and "pods", it groups the container which make up an application into logical units for easy management and discovery."

  • A useful new strace feature

    I just upgraded my computer to Ubuntu 16.04, from 12.04. So, expect occasional updates on what has happened in the last 4 years since I am a computer dinosaur.

  • It’s Official: VLC 3.0 Will Get Chromecast Support

    The feature addition had been long anticipated, with the VideoLAN development team having tagged support for the streaming technology in its roadmap, forum posts and in media interviews.

  • Tomb is an Alternative to Truecrypt Tailored Especially for Linux Systems

    File encryption softwares are more of a necessity nowadays than just another luxury application on your Linux PC, given the importance of how safeguarding our most delicate documents have become and the risk of system theft and hack has grown exponentially over the years.

  • Klumpp: A few words about the future of the Limba project

    Those concerned about the proliferation of application-packaging formats will soon have one fewer to worry about. At his blog, Matthias Klumpp announces that he intends to scale back his work on Limba, the cross-distribution application-packaging format he has developed as an extension of the ideas in the earlier Listaller. The decision comes on the heels of discussions with Flatpak developer Alexander Larsson, since the two projects overlap in many respects: "Alex and I had very productive discussions, and except for the modularity issue, we were pretty much on the same page in every other aspect regarding the sandboxing and app-distribution matters."

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Linux Devices

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-06-19 15:32
  • Mycroft: an open-source AI tool to make your smart home smarter

    Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. Self-driving cars, world’s sexiest robot or Go champion, all are the miracles of artificial intelligence. How about an AI-powered device leading all the connected gadgets in your home? Sounds appealing, right? Voice activated personal assistants are in vogue thanks to Apple’s Siri and Google Now. Amazon Echo is one of the first smart-home assistants that brings voice control into the picture. However, a new startup is putting a similar value on voice control. Mycroft, the world’s first open-source, open-hardware home AI platform.

  • Imagination: Come back to MIPS, Wi-Fi router makers, we have an FCC ban workaround

    A fairly straightforward idea by Imagination Technologies could rescue American geeks' ability to run Openwrt on their routers.

    The freedom to tinker with Wi-Fi routers has been a hot topic ever since the Federal Communications Commission issued an edict that devices be locked down to protect America's spectrum.

  • Pico-ITX board and six others gain wide operating temps

    Aaeon has added wider temperature range options to a number of its embedded SBCs and COMs. Most of these boards originally came out before LinuxGizmos (now HackerBoards) was launched in early 2013. One fairly recent board we missed, but we think is still worthy of coverage is the PICO-BT01 Pico-ITX SBC detailed farther below. As usual, Aaeon does not list OS support, but we are confident all these boards can run Linux or Windows.

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Leftovers: BSD

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-06-19 15:31
  • BSDCan 2016 Presentations Online
  • LLVM's Clang Is Working On Unified Offloading Support

    There's more work going on in the CUDA/OpenMP space for the LLVM Clang compiler.

    Landing this week in Clang SVN/Git is generic offload toolchains for the concept of an offloading tool chain plus related work. The initial patch explains, "This patch is the first of a series of three that attempts to make the current support of CUDA more generic and easier to extend to other programming models, namely OpenMP."

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Leftovers: OSS

TuxMachines - Sun, 2016-06-19 15:31
  • Let us test voting code, say academics

    Doubts about the accuracy of the Senate vote count remain until the Australian Electoral Commission agrees to publicly release the computer code it uses.

    That's the view of the Australian Greens and academics who have studied vote-counting software errors.

  • Chef’s new Habitat project wants to make applications infrastructure-independent
  • Firefox Contextual Identities

    Mozilla recently announced a new feature that is being tested in the Firefox browser called “Contextual Identities”. The idea behind this feature is that users will be able to separate different types of browsing into different identities, allowing them to protect their data with more control. The images below were all taken from the announcement page and should provide a good example of how this feature works.

  • What’s Happening in OpenStack-Ansible (WHOA) – June 2016

    The world of OpenStack moves quickly. Each day brings new features, new bug fixes, and new ways of thinking. The OpenStack-Ansible community strives to understand these changes and make them easier for operators to implement.

  • The Licensing and Compliance Lab interviews Brett Smith of dtrx

    Brett Smith has been using free software since 1998. He worked in several roles at the Free Software Foundation (FSF) from 2002-2004, and then worked in its GPL Compliance Lab from 2006-2012. dtrx stands for “Do the Right Extraction:” it extracts all kinds of archive files in a consistent way, so you always get the same results no matter how the author built the archive.

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Virt-Manager 1.4 Exposes The New OpenGL Options

Phoronix - Sun, 2016-06-19 15:27
Virt-Manager 1.4 has been released and it's a great release for those wanting to easily play with Virgl for OpenGL atop the open-source Linux virtualization stack...

Antergos Spins New ISOs, The Last Time Pushing 32-bit Media

Phoronix - Sun, 2016-06-19 15:19
Antergos 2016.06.18 has been released as a re-spin of this Arch-based Linux distribution...


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