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Ubuntu Touch Mobile OS to Be Soon Rebased on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Not Yakkety Yak

LXer - Sat, 2016-08-13 04:02
One of our readers was asking us last week if we have any news on when Ubuntu Touch will switch to a newer version of Ubuntu? The official answer came a few days ago from Canonical's Lukasz Zemczak.

The U.S. government now has an open source policy - but it doesn't go far enough

LinuxToday - Sat, 2016-08-13 04:00

The U.S. government's new Federal Source Code policy is a step in the right direction

Lubuntu Is Finally Preparing To Switch From LXDE To LXQt

Phoronix - Sat, 2016-08-13 03:37
Lubuntu-Next images are being prepared that shift this Ubuntu derivative from using the lightweight LXDE desktop to using the newer LXQt desktop...

Getting Apparmor not to allow programs that do not have a profile.

Reddit - Sat, 2016-08-13 02:32

I am using a Debian system ( techinically LMDE ) without systemd. I tried to use SELinux on it, but it turns out that the ref policy gets confused without systemd, mislableling a lot of things.

So I thought I would give apparmor a shot. The thing is that I've looked at some intros and they all say that AppArmor does not restrict applications unless they have a policy.

Is there a way to specify that no application can be run unless there exists a policy for it?

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The LeEco Le 2S's alleged 8GB RAM may put other Android phones to shame

TuxMachines - Sat, 2016-08-13 02:18

Chinese technology company LeEco might be slowly inching toward a U.S. launch sometime this fall, but that does not mean it will sit on its laurels until then. On the contrary, LeEco is rumored to be launching the Le 2S, which is seemingly a refreshed version of the Le 2 and the first Android phone to include a whopping 8GB RAM.

You did not read that wrong — according to GizChina, the Le 2S will include 8GB RAM, practically unheard of in the Android world. As we have seen with Samsung’s 2015 flagship phones and the OnePlus 3, however, the RAM amount does not matter as much as how it is utilized. Even so, the 8GB RAM will finally turn our dream of playing five games at the same time a reality.

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Trends in corporate open source engagement

LXer - Sat, 2016-08-13 02:08
In 1998, I was part of SGI when we started moving to open source and open standards, after having been a long-time proprietary company. Since then, other companies also have moved rapidly to working with open source, and the use and adoption of open source technologies has skyrocketed over the past few years. Today company involvement in open source technologies is fairly mature and can be seen in the following trends:read more

Clear Linux Makes HTTP/2 The Default, Adds Images To Dockerhub

TuxMachines - Sat, 2016-08-13 01:04

For those that may be interested in the Clear Linux distribution for improved performance or other innovative functionality, the third "Clear Linux Highlights" newsletter has been published to share more of the recent changes to this Linux distribution out of the Intel Open-Source Technology Center.

Recent changes to Clear Linux include making HTTP/2 the default Internet protocol, both for client and server components packaged by Clear Linux -- just not any web browser default.

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Alpine Linux 3.4.3 released

TuxMachines - Sat, 2016-08-13 01:01

The Alpine Linux project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 3.4.3 of its Alpine Linux operating system.

This is a bugfix release of the v3.4 musl based branch, based on linux-4.4.17 kernels.

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Bought a tablet for university what should I install?

Reddit - Sat, 2016-08-13 00:38

I bought this tablet to carry to my classes to take notes and writing some code.

Should I install another Linux OS to make it more powerful and then what programs/apps should I get for it too.

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How to Send and Receive Encrypted Data with GnuPG

LXer - Sat, 2016-08-13 00:13
The day has come where the security of your data—be it on a server, a work desktop, or your personal machine—is one of the single most important issues you can take on. Whether you’re hoping to secure company information or private email to clients, friends, and/or loved ones, you need to understand how to ensure your data cannot easily be read by the wrong people.

GPL enforcement action in Hellwig v. VMware dismissed, with an appeal expected

LinuxToday - Sat, 2016-08-13 00:00

A decision in the GPL enforcement case in Germany between Christoph Hellwig (supported by the Software Freedom Conservancy) and VMware recently became public.

phone os's?

Reddit - Fri, 2016-08-12 23:42

if I use linux on most of my computers, think i would enjoy that ubuntu os for phone over android or ios? (even though im not a huge fan of ubuntu, although its probably unity as I like a lot of ubuntu derivatives)

I have about zero phone experience other than using someone else phone to make a call maybe once a month

any other good linuxy phone os? (or even not linux, but underrated phone os)

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Everybody Should Be Haiku Writing

TuxMachines - Fri, 2016-08-12 23:39

As many of my readers have probably figured out, I am a fan of the stuff that’s “out there.” You don’t even have to use it. It doesn’t need to be something that will necessarily set the world on fire. If there’s passion in its development and design, I’m pretty much on board. And I can’t wait to try it.

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Question relating to usb wifi adapter.

Reddit - Fri, 2016-08-12 23:08

I have a question related to how I got my USB Wifi adapter to work.

I am damn near brand new to linux, and enjoy surfing the web to complete tasks.

So, i tired my luck to get this to work on my own, and it did... i just don't understand how..here's what i did.

It came with a disk.

On the disk was a tar.bz2 file.

I used terminal to extract it to a Folder I made on the desktop.

Then boom! My wifi adapter worked...

Please point me in the right direction so I can understand how this happened.

Or, Just tell me.

Either way,

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Linux TCP flaw lets 'anyone' hijack Internet traffic

LinuxToday - Fri, 2016-08-12 23:00

What started as an attempt to secure TCP/IP in Linux ended up enabling an attack vector that can be used to break, or even hijack, Internet connections between Linux and Android systems.

today's leftovers

TuxMachines - Fri, 2016-08-12 22:54

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