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PSA: HelenOS sidebar link is dead

Reddit - Thu, 2016-04-28 23:51

Hey all,

Sidebar link for HelenOS leads to an expired SSL certificate and no site; time to remove it or point the URL to a public repository.


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Linux Kernel 4.1.23 LTS Has PA-RISC and EXT4 Improvements, Updated Drivers

TuxMachines - Thu, 2016-04-28 23:46

After informing us about the release of Linux kernel 3.12.59 LTS, kernel developer Sasha Levin is back today, April 28, 2017, with details about the twenty-third maintenance build of the long-term supported Linux 4.1 kernel series.

Also: Network Time Keeps on Ticking with Long-Running NTP Project

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Grid Router Built on Open-Platform Linux Operating System

TuxMachines - Thu, 2016-04-28 23:44

Landis+Gyr is expanding distributed intelligence capabilities on the grid with an advancement in adaptability and processing power for the network connecting the Gridstream suite of AMI, Distribution Intelligence and Customer Intelligence solutions.

Landis+Gyr is introducing a grid router built on an open-platform Linux operating system that acts as a grid-edge server in the field capable of routing and processing data, as well as executing applications from multiple utility and smart community networks simultaneously.

Also: Westar Extends AMI Contract with Landis+Gyr

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Windows on TV

TuxMachines - Thu, 2016-04-28 23:22
  • Microsoft's Windows 10 nagware storms live TV weather forecast

    Microsoft's relentless Windows 10 nagware has interrupted a live TV weather forecast, urging meteorologist Metinka Slater to upgrade.

    The operating system suddenly popped up a box on screen insisting the station's computer be upgraded to the latest version – while Slater was on air describing thunderstorms rolling through Iowa, US.

  • The Best Windows 10 Commercial Ever

    We interrupt this weather report with a very important announcement. Despite our best efforts, your local TV station has not yet upgraded to Windows 10. We warned them that something like this was bound to happen sooner or later.

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DuckDuckGo Wants Answers to Linux Questions

LinuxToday - Thu, 2016-04-28 23:00

The search engine that works to protect your privacy is looking for some Linux "Instant Answers" for programmers.

How to build your own IRC Server with InspIRCd and Anope

LXer - Thu, 2016-04-28 22:56
In this tutorial, I will guide you trough the installation of InspIRCd from source on a CentOS 7 server. Then we will integrate InspIRCd with anope services and enable gnutls encryption on it. InspIRCd is a modern and fast IRC server and one of the few IRC server applications that provides high performance and stability and is written from scratch in C++.

Security Leftovers

TuxMachines - Thu, 2016-04-28 22:49

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Leftovers: Software

TuxMachines - Thu, 2016-04-28 22:48
  • Streaming with VLC Media Player on Your Network and in the Cloud

    We've noted many times before that VLC Media Player, available for Windows, the Mac and Linux, is one of the best open source applications of any kind. The application is known for handling nearly any kind of video file format for playback; you can use it as a video transcoder for converting video file formats; and you can listen to and manage podcasts with it.

  • Weblate 2.6

    Going back to faster release cycle, Weblate 2.6 has been just released. There is improved support for Python 3 or brand new HTTP REST API.

  • Enpass Password Manager 5.2 Released With Time-Based One-Time Passwords (TOTP) Support

    Enpass 5.2 for Linux and Windows was released today, bringing support for "Time-based One-time Password Algorithm" (TOTP), along with other improvements.

  • GCompris: New Chess graphics

    And now two screenshots with new graphics: the first with the new activity icons, and the second is a fullscreen view of the new chessboard and background.

  • Premier livre sur Krita en français

    Last month, my book “Dessin et Peinture numérique avec Krita” has been released. It is the first book in french about this software. I hope it will contribute to introduce this wonderful Free Software to all french speaking artists.

    This book is available in full-color printed version, as digital download without DRM or as online version, on the website of the publisher D-Booker. By the way, I’d like to thank my publisher who made it possible to write this book.

  • [Krita] Development Builds Ready To Test

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Fedora 24 Beta & Final Hit By Another Delay

TuxMachines - Thu, 2016-04-28 22:04

Jan Kurik has passed along word that the Fedora 24 Beta has been delayed and thus the final milestones are also pushed back.

Due to an invalid Fedora 24 Beta RC compose, at today's Go/No-Go meeting they decided to slip the rest of the release milestones by one week. Part of the compose being ruled invalid are due to some "alpha" references being present on the "beta" images plus there are some other potential and accepted blockers.

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Fedora 24 Linux's Launch Will be Delayed by a Week, the OS Arrives on June 14

LinuxToday - Thu, 2016-04-28 22:00

 softpedia: Well, folks, the unfortunate has happened as Fedora Linux is known to get many delays during its development cycle.

How To Dual Boot Linux Mint And Windows 10

LXer - Thu, 2016-04-28 21:59
This guide shows how to dual boot Linux Mint and Windows 10 and includes all the usual steps such as backing up your computer, creating a USB drive, partitioning and installing Mint.

Fresh Mesa 11.3-devel RadeonSI Tests On Ubuntu 16.04 vs. NVIDIA's 364.19 Driver

Phoronix - Thu, 2016-04-28 21:38
For some end-of-month benchmarks and while having a number of graphics cards out prior to being let down by Tomb Raider's Linux benchmark, here is a fresh round of OpenGL tests while using the newest Mesa 11.3-devel code on RadeonSI with AMDGPU/Radeon DRM from Ubuntu 16.04 and then compared to various Kepler/Maxwell graphics cards with the newest NVIDIA Linux driver.

Why is linux so user unfriendly to noobs and the gui and why are there so many common yet unanswered problems out there?

Reddit - Thu, 2016-04-28 21:14

Forgive the rant and understand I am not being lazy, a jerk or challenging anyone. I get the emotional connections many people have to an OS and their own knowledge so I am not trying to start a fight. I am just frustrated and don't understand why it seems like so much is a hassle unless you want to use the terminal. Finding answers is another giant hassle as page after page of google results still doesn't help.

I have dabbled with several distros but have never made the switch full time due to what I have been experiencing the last few days every time I try...nothing but trouble.

Many things I need aren't available through Software Centers etc so I follow the directions to install them either by direct download or with apt-get and 90% of the time there is some error even after following the directions EXACTLY. When I google I find lots of similar questions and problems but they either have no answers at all or ones that don't work. You can go to various IRC channels and often get ignored or maybe find ONE person who tries to help but can't sort it and you just give up.

I am a visual person...I don't like text only processes and like to see icons and lists and grids etc so I can organize my mind. I use OSX an d it works well for me in that regard I just don't like the hardware cost and exclusivity so I am trying to move to Linux but it's unpleasant every time I try.

I have Xubuntu set up visually like OSX for the most part with a dock etc but it seems everything I need...that works so simply in OSX...is a giant hassle. I really wish there was a way to make things work for me but I am not and never will be a command line power user.

Is it really too much to ask to open up a Software Center and find common apps or equivalents and hit "install"? I can't find a PGP gui that works...a 7z gui that works...veracrypt won't install right...everything is a major pain.

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Purdue's IronHacks series puts unique spin on hackathons

LXer - Thu, 2016-04-28 21:02
Hackathons are well-known as events where developers come together to quickly turn out a piece of software, often competing against each other. But what if they were also a place for learning? The Research Center for Open Digital Innovation at Purdue University is making that happen. The IronHacks series of hackathons is designed to allow participants to learn from judges and Center researchers to learn from the participants.read more

Oracle Releases VirtualBox 5.0.20 with Fixes for Linux Kernel 4.5, Small Changes

LinuxToday - Thu, 2016-04-28 21:00

Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.20 is a pretty small release that comes only one and a half weeks after the previous maintenance build

Fedora 24 Beta & Final Hit By Another Delay

Phoronix - Thu, 2016-04-28 20:45
Jan Kurik has passed along word that the Fedora 24 Beta has been delayed and thus the final milestones are also pushed back...


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