Your favorite packaging format?

59% (1194 votes)
13% (272 votes)
13% (272 votes)
11% (226 votes)
4% (72 votes)
Total votes: 2036

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Yeah whatever... It is surprising, the big amount people that STILL defends Debian because of .DEB and APT. Someone hasn't discovered YUM or Portage yet... Also surprising, the similarities between arguing methods of Debian and Apple defenders. Go get an iPhone and teabag Steve Jobs.

.tar.bz2, baby!

.tar.bz2, baby!

You forgot to mention, with

You forgot to mention, with source or binaries inside? ;)

Plain .bin are the best and

Plain .bin are the best and easier imho.

Single Binary is great, static linking is the devil.

A single binary is great, as long as the program involved is small enough and simple enough.
But most programs these days are huge, numbering many megabytes in size and generally using large numbers of external libraries, so a single binary is just not do-able.

If you are refering to static linking...static linking is horrible thing to push on users. Do you realise the number of packages you'd have to re-download and re-install everytime there will a security patch for something like libpng?

Gentoo ebuild

I prefer Gentoo's ebuilds any time. For binary packaging Gentoo uses tbz2.

SRC (Portage)

Is "SRC (Portage)"(on Gentoo) the same as "TGZ"?
I think, no!

Right, aptitude is just a

Right, aptitude is just a great package management program.

Who cares about format

The real reason DEB is great is not DEB, but instead apt-get.


The port of APT for RPM format, don´t make growing preference for him. DEB is robust, and easy.
If the dependence problems its solved i believe in unified package system.

What makes DEB great?

The APT repository and dependency analysis is terrific, yes, but when you start creating your own large hierarchies of .deb packages, as my company has, you realise that the real brilliant part is actually the policy manual's specification for package lifecycles, and the resulting support tools. All told, the Debian packaging style is a masterwork.