Your favorite database?

28% (1136 votes)
27% (1095 votes)
29% (1165 votes)
3% (137 votes)
0% (17 votes)
0% (14 votes)
6% (235 votes)
Berkeley DB
1% (36 votes)
Plain text
3% (130 votes)
2% (94 votes)
Total votes: 4059

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I think Progress must have some "friends" out there too.
I spent about 10 years with Progress, some times bleeding, but newer more than acceptable.

Progress your love

can you help me to have cd from it for work and learn
this is my e-mail

Progress / OpenEdge... yup!

You're not alone... I've been working with this great RDBMS/4GL since '94 and it has never let me down.

It is really burn me a lot.

It is really burn me a lot. SQL Server is best for me....


I´m one of this friends...


Progress Database is the real deal

Been using progress 4 years yes grey hairs here and ther but overally its one of the best out ther

RE: Your favorite database?

Microsoft Access. :)

Is there evidence of ballot stuffing?

It is silly of anyone to vote twice for these things. But who is to say that the Postgres people didn't vote twice? Whenever Firebird comes out on top we hear this claim. Some people are just sad losers. Perhaps those claiming ballot-stuffing just don't realise how huge the Firebird user base is inside Brazil and eastern European countries.

You can add South Africa to

You can add South Africa to that list of Firebird user base!

Surprising but encouraging

Surprising but encouraging news for the best open source database, PostgreSQL.

Postgresql really is the

Postgresql really is the best :-)
Also check out for a great commercial GUI admin program for Postgresql and MySQL


Looks like somebody rallied the entire Firebird community. :)


Yes, and some of them voted twice!


Does one detect sour grapes?

The type of person you tend to come across in the Firebird community is *NOT* among the types that would 'vote twice' to influence the result of competitions of this nature.